JCO Productions

JCO Productions is an independent production company owned and operated by Jorge Olortegui since 2003.

JCO Productions specializes in Cinematography, Editing & Directing for music videos, commercials, shorts and feature films (in English or Spanish).

Katie Booth

Red headed, terrifying, and ultimately well intentioned, Katie has been sent by the Universe to deliver the message of the truly broken things.

In all seriousness, Katie’s truth lies in the dark, lovely, brutally human stories of our world. Also, we’re serious.

Amaru Films

In 2004, Christian Vinces founded AMARU FILMS in order to develop his personal film projects. Since then, Amaru Films has become his alter ego and public presence in the entertainment world.

The company has slowly carved its place with different projects and collaborations. And so has Christian.
Film Unicorn is the collaboration of Katie Booth, Jorge Olortegui (JCO Productions) and Christian Vinces (Amaru Films), who are currently working together on many projects. This collaboration will produce quick shorts and sketches, while studying different narrative structures.

Get ready.