The Myth

About the Amaru

In Andean Mythology, the Amaru is a dragonlike creature that destroys worlds in order to create space for new ones. It is believed that the apparition of the Amaru marks important transitions, such as droughts, shifts of power, wars or plagues. Part jaguar, part deer and part serpent, the Amaru is a symbol for life, wisdom, strength and power. Often times, the Amaru is confused with a dragon or an enormous serpent (in Quechua: Machakuay), but it has never been a representation of harm or danger. However, its apparition, many times sudden and violent, is an unmistakable sign of change. Amaru Films is inspired by this powerful being, as we aspire to acknowledge filmmaking as a personal art. The Amaru destroys worlds before replacing them with new ones, and similarly we believe it necessary to drop our own expectations in order to grow. Filmmaking's aesthetics are cultural and every individual has to break down personal barriers in order to discover his/her own approach to the process. In 2004, Christian Vinces founded AMARU FILMS in order to develop his personal film projects. Since then, Amaru Films has become his alter ego and public presence in the entertainment world. The company has grown over the years and slowly carved its place with different projects and collaborations. And so has Christian. Christian is a Peruvian filmmaker who moved to New York to pursue his career. He graduated from San Marcos University (Lima, Peru) with a B.A. in Social Communication and from SUNY-Purchase (Purchase, New York) with a B.F.A. in Film. He later earned his M.A. in Media Management from Long Island University (Brooklyn, NY). Since then, he has worked in New York and Los Angeles in different areas of Production and Distribution. You can see some of his credits at Christian's IMDB page. Currently Christian travels between Los Angeles, New York and Lima (Peru) in order to develop different film projects.

About our Productions

The Stories
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The Foundation
Through the years, there have been many people whose help and support
have proven to be indispensable in the production of our films. Thus,
we find it indispensable to honor them next to the stories they helped
telling.Special thanks, first and foremost, to Elma Pastorino and
Fausto Vinces.

And also, with the same gratitude, to some of our first collaborators:
Ryan O'Connor, Rey Valentin, Malcolm Goodwin, Gad Zeitune, Hernan Gonzalez,
Victor Cruz, Andrew Lee, Lyndon Mc Gray, Evan Mc Cuclloch, Ryan Stokes,
Lauren Philson, Nick D'Agostino, Billy Song, Eric Chaney, Josh Zangen, John
Martinez, Jorge Olortegui, James Malki, Adam Vargas and Todd Sandler.

We also need to warmly thank our latest Supporters: Lucy Fazely, Saurahb
Sethi, Kunal Bhay, Claudette Hunter, Luis Reyes, Todd James Anderson,
Robert Deere, Holly Heidt, Coen George Kipp, Yuri Vinces, Zylivet Diaz,
Kendall and Doug Waller, Marcia Gallagher, Jennifer Weaver, Giacomo Vinces,
Mary Haarmeyer, Carol Villegas, Andrea Fitzgerald, Elsa Pastorino, Timothy
Snook, Giada Vinces, Zaida Pastorino and Manuel Nieves, Leticia Martignon,
Carla Tassara, Sethu Nair, Lee Ann Rawley, Tayo Valqui, Mariah Robinson, Franco
Valqui, Erik Zimmerman, Julian Jones, Majida Hamulic, Valentin Concha,
Steven Anderson and Katie Booth.